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Dr. Onaiwu, David Oduwa

Discipline: Engineering
Development of Viscosifiers and Fluid Loss Agents from Local Materials for Oil Field Operations
Contribution to knowledge:
The study identified Cocoyam and gum Arabic-cocoyam formulation as viscosifying and fluid-loss material. The research found that these materials are thermally stable and tolerant to most salts found in reservoir formation. The study also identified Ginger-bentonite formulation as both a viscosifier and fluid loss agent. This formulation is thermally stable and can be used in Nacl, Kcl as well as CaCl dominated reservoirs.
Dr. Onaiwu, David Oduwa, was jointly supervised by Prof. Olalekan A. Olafuyi (Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria) & Prof. Joel Ogbonna (Department of Gas Engineering, University of Port Harcourt).
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