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Students Experience


ACE CEFOR will ensure she provides consistent support for her students to create room for heightened academic achievements.

We will seasonally and strategically award tuition fee scholarships to our students in ACE-CEFOR.

Our students will be paid at regular intervals to ease living expenses.

As part of our commitment to ensuring smooth academic advancement, we will provide comfortable accommodation for our students to ease learning, provide security and foster networking.

The health of our students is of utmost importance to us. Regular check-ups, tests, emergency treatments, drugs, first aid, nursing services etc., will be made available to all our students.

To ease students' expenses on research, study and self-development through the internet, the campus has a public WiFi Hotspot which everyone can connect to.

ACE CEFOR is concerned about the quality of  facilities her students have access to. We will provide resources like shopping malls, marts, food joints/services, laundry/cleaning services etc.

Sport and Recreation Facilities such as gym, swimming pool, football field, basketball court, golf course, tennis court etc., will be provided for students in ACE-CEFOR.  
Uniport must not have all these facilities but can leverage on facilities in Port Harcourt for students.

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