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Hear what our current Student and Alumni has to say about ACE-CEFOR

"I want to sincerely thank the World Bank ACE-CEFOR project for the opporTunity to study and acquire my Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering. My experience was quite rewarding and my doctorate degree was completed on schedule. Today I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Petroleum Engineering University of Benin and also the Acting Director, Maritime and ICT Studies Centre, University of Benin. Thank you, World Bank, for them opportunity to support my academic goal "
Dr. Onaiwu. D. Oduwa
Dr. Onaiwu. D. Oduwa
What I like about ACE-CEFOR is the relaxed atmosphere mixed with serious commitment for scholastic excellence. Furthermore, the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested in seeing you do well. Lectures were enriching and engaging. The programme gave me a comprehensive view of the petroleum industry and the chance to develop my interest in environmental microbiology as related to the petroleum industry. This programme has been greatly beneficial to my professional development and to my career as a lecturer.
Dr. Omega Immanuel
PhD, Environmental Microbiology
For me, the ACE-CEFOR program was a package. The take-home was not only a PhD degree that was tailored out of collaborative research, but the taught courses also gave me some expert knowledge in different fields of study- business law, reservoir engineering. crude oil drilling. environmental science and statistics. With the Directors no idle time mantra, it was easy to achieve in 6 months what one would have ordinarily achieved in 18 months. Applying the same principle at my workplace makes me more productive. The program should be a template for our conventional University programs.
Dr. Remy U. Duru
PhD, Organic Chemistry

"Studying in ACE-CEFOR remains one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Apart from the well-structured set of courses, finishing a PhD programme in Nigeria within three years is something worth celebrating. Ihe orientation against idle time and the training on skills in writing fundable research proposals remain a great pep to my career as a faculty. Today, I visit Chinese labs at will and can access many facilities for my research. The ‘connection' to achieve this came because ACE-CEFOR assisted me to do my PhD internship for six months at China University of Petroleum, Qingdao in 2015 under full sponsorship of the World Bank RSM Fellowship. Even till date, ACE-CEFOR still provides excellent recommendations for me in local and international scenes and this has boosted my profile and credibility among peers. ACE-CEFOR encouraged us to work hard and publish their research findings in SCI journals. This has improved my visibility because since then, most of my scholarly publications have been in SCI journals. Every time I have an opportunity, I encourage candidates who wish to research related thematic areas that the right choice is ACE-CEFOR. I am not sure I could have had it better elsewhere in Nigeria! A grateful heart..."

Dr. Ekemini Ituen

PhD, Physical Chemistry

"My experience as a Ph.D. student at ACE-CEFOR, UNIPORT remains one of life's phase I can never forget in a hurry. Experienced Lecturers, selfless workforce and wonderful colleagues. I didn't know that a Ph.D. programme could be concluded in any University in Africa for just two years, until I enrolled in this very intensive and economically viable programme. By the quality of        academically and professional supervision, I was able to establish a scientifically and economical solution to a peculiar problem proven area in Reservoir Engineering; Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery in particular. By using local materials within our reach in Nigeria to substitute expensive imported chemicals. This project revealed to us in a great detail the boundless opportunities in Nigeria, West Africa. The project has made me an astute researcher and solution finder, which advantage is enormous to my profession as a Research Fellow. truly my degree and area of speciality has given my company scholastic and professional advantage in the field of personnel profiling and market competition in the oil and gas industry as my accumulated training in ACE-CEFOR is being tapped maximally"       

Dr. Uzoho, Chidinma Uzoamaka

PhD, Petroleum Engineering

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