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Port Harcourt City

Explore the Port Harcourt city

Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State and the largest Local Government Area in the state. Most people in PH(Port Harcourt) hear and speak English language seamlessly.
Port Harcourt is a major industrial center. It is the prime oil-refining town in Nigeria.

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Key Tourist Sites

Port Harcourt has amazing places to live it up as much as you desire.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Bonny Island

Port Harcourt Zoo

Isaac Boro Park

Port Harcourt City Mall

Port Harcourt Amusement Park

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Companies in Port Harcourt

Lots of commercial businesses exist in Port Harcourt. You can find thousands of companies in the city. Whatever business that suites your niche, you should be able to find a company that offers such products/services in Port Harcourt.

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Major Oil & Gas Firms

Port Harcourt is replete with firms that specialize in crude oil exploration, oil-refining activities, and other services as they affect the oil and gas sector.Here’s a list of some Oil and Gas firms in Port Harcourt city. 

. Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited

. BelemaOil Producing Limited

. Chevron Texaco Nigeria Limited Company’s services

. Dominos Oil and Gas Services etc.

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Festivals in Port Harcourt

Few weeks to Christmas every year, a carnival is held in Port Harcourt. Food festivals are also significant in the city. The Chow Fair, Bole festival and the Port Harcourt International Food Festival(PHIFF) are festivals you shouldn't miss yearly.

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In Omagwa, Port Harcourt, you can find the Port Harcourt International Airport. The airport consists of two terminals for both international and domestic flights.

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Port Harcourt is blessed with one of the major ports in Nigeria. The Port Harcourt Port(harbor) can cater to more or less all types of cargo.

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Want to get entertained with latest blockbuster movies? Check out any of these cinemas in Port Harcourt.
. 5D Cinema 9ja
. Genesis Deluxe Cinema.
. Kada Cinemas.
. Pepperoni Cinemas.
. Fairview Cinema.
. Silverbird Cinema

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Major Pubs

Port Harcourt is known to be bubbly even at night time. Here’s a concise list of public places you can explore in the city of Port Harcourt.

. The Crib  (Lounge | Lodging)

. Wazobia BBQ night

. Liquid Lounge and Bar

. Morella

. D2D etc.

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