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Dr. Green, Ovunda Asonye

Discipline: Engineering
Economic Framework for Gas Value Chain Analysis: A Case Study of Nigeria
Contribution to knowledge:
The study proposes an integrated economic framework for gas value chain development in Nigeria. The framework employed the discounted gas flow model to analyze the viability of the gas value chain. Results showed upstream gas investment to be unprofitable at the benchmark gas price of $2.50/Mcf for high cost associated and non associated fields. Results obtained from the pipeline and power projects showed investments to be profitable under the assumed pipeline and power tariffs of $0.85/Mcf and $0.08/KWh respectively. Results also indicated that higher wellhead gas prices without a corresponding increase in power tariff impacted positively on the upstream gas company but had negative impact on the profitability of the power plant.
Dr. Green, Ovunda Asonye was jointly supervised by Prof. Omowumi Iledare (Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Port Harcourt) and Dr. Joseph Ellah (Industry).
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