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Dr. Adeniyi, Adekunle Tirimisiyu

Discipline: Engineering
Formulation, Evaluation and Production of Surfactants from Local Materials for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Contribution to knowledge:
This study sought to prepare surfactants locally within Nigeria, thereby lowering total cost of surfactants flooding. Desirable properties such as adsorptions, interfacial tension, solubility and foamability of surfactants were used to as criteria to produce six different surfactants namely F15, F16, F17, F18, F19 and F20, locally. Aluminum gotten from bauxite, silicon from silicate, carboxylic acid group from palm oil and potassium from granite, were used to beneficiate the locally produced surfactants. The newly developed surfactants were eco-friendly, affordable, effective.
Dr. Adeniyi, Adekunle Tirimisiyu was jointly supervised by Prof. Mike O. Onyekonwu (Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria) and Prof. Olalekan A. Olafuyi (Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria).
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