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Dr. Mkpaoro Mkpaoro Israel Friday

Discipline: Engineering
Biochemical Treatment of Drill Cuttings: A non conventional and an Environment-Friendly Approach
Contribution to knowledge:
This study investigated a biochemical treatment approach involving the use of micro-organisms and chemical enhancers to biologically reduce drill-cuttings into residues that pose no threats to the environment. Results showed that micro- organisms in combination with chemical enhancers can be employed as an effective, efficient and environment friendly remediation strategy in drill-cuttings treatment in the Niger Delta.
Dr. Mkpaoro, Mkpaoro Israel Friday was jointly supervised by Prof. Gideon C. Okpokwasili (Department of Microbiology, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria) and Prof. Ogbonna F. Joel (Department of Gas Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria).
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