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Dr. Ekwuabu Chioma Bertha

Discipline: Health, Safety & Environment
Bioremediation of Residual Crude Oil Polluted Soil using a Sustained Nutrient Delivery System
Contribution to knowledge:
The study achieved the following results: Formulation of 100% natural based controlled release fertilizer and successful application in bioremediation. Till date the formulation of slow release fertilizer from 100% natural based sources is non-existent and has not been documented in any literature. Effective application of nutrient rotation application strategy with remarkable outcome in bioremediation. Determination of the effect of different nutrient amendments on bacterial community structure and diversity. The negative consequences of conventional nutrient application in bioremediation and environmental management were alleviated through the nutrient rotation strategy and slow release nutrient application system.
Dr. Ekwuabu, Chioma Bertha, was jointly supervised by Dr. (Mrs.) Chioma B. Chikere (Department of Microbiology) & Prof. Onyewuch Akaranta (Department of Chemistry) both of the University of Port Harcourt.
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