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Software Solution to Wellbore Stability Management saves Petroleum Industry Drilling Cost

Editor(s): Ogbonna Joel, Onyewuchi Akaranta
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This publication-UniPort Innovations- will present pioneering innovations from oilfield research. It will feature research fellows engaged in groundbreaking research, unique innovations, and partnerships as well as the development of Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurial (ICE) Ecosystems

In this maiden edition we feature Professor Akaranta of the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry and the development of green chemicals, Prof Adewale Dosunmu of the Department of Petroleum Engineering and his Software on wellbore stability management: Naomi Ogolo, a post-doctoral fellow discusses the applications of Nanoparticles in oil well completions

The OPTIWELL Software for wellbore stability design and monitoring developed in the Department of Petroleum Engineering has been extensively tested and proven. The software has helped well engineers to successfully drill many oil and gas wells with minimal non-productive downtime, thus saving industry a lot of drilling cost and ensuring safety

It will also present a dashboard of Facts and Figures on research progress

In a panel discussion during the recent NNPC/TOTAL/MIT Forum for innovative Science and Engineering curriculum development January 2017. Lagos), it was observed that part of the strategy for bridging the gap between academia and industry is to provide a platform for communicating research and innovation to industry. Universities and industries must partner to find solutions to the challenges of industry and society in general.

As a World Bank ACE, CEFOR is poised to be at the forefront of knowledge transfer and technology development

Happy Reading!

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World Bank Africa Centre of Excellence for Oilfield Chemical Research (ACE-CEFOR). UniPort

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