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Efficient Matrix Acidizing Design for Enhanced Oil Productivity

Editor(s): Ogbonna Joel, Onyewuchi Akaranta
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This edition of Research & Innovation, presents an outcome of a research on matrix acidizing to improve well productivity. The study developed novel mathematical models for predicting compatibility in terms of Time of Separation (ToS) of most commonly used acidizing fluids for well stimulation. Furthermore, a mathematical model was developed for predicting viscosities of fluid systems as temperature changes. The study also provided a more detailed use of acidizing fluid systems to remove filter cakes from oil and gas drilling activities.

The Well Surveillance Software, WellSurv was developed to predict well impairment downhole using wellhead data, thus saving cost of well tests and predicting formation damage real time. It also enables engineers to determine when to stimulate the impaired well. The software has been used by industry to successfully identify stimulation opportunities.

This edition features thoughts on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) advocated by UNESCO. ESD in every discipline is the panacea to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All research projects should define and align their objectives to the realization of the SDGs.

There is a report on the 7 ACE Workshop attended by members of the ACE Steering Committee.

We are happy to report that following the successful nd completion and graduation of 37 PhDs, the 2 batch of students have been admitted for interdisciplinary research. Orientation had been concluded and courses in the General Module are on-going.

We are also happy to report that the ACE building project will soon be completed, furnished and commissioned.

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World Bank Africa Centre of Excellence for Oilfield Chemicals Research (ACE-CEFOR), UniPort

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