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Dr. Ogunwa, Kennedy I.

Discipline: Science
Chemical Modification of Icacina trichantha Oliv. (ITO) Tuber Starch for Oil Field Applications
Contribution to knowledge:
This study introduces a viable non-food starch source for industrial purposes and makes more data available on Icacina tricantha Oliv. (ITO) plant, proximate composition of the tuber, and physicochemical properties of the starch. It also introduces three novel Industrial starch derivatives as viscosifier and fluid loss control agent in Water Based Muds and makes available the physicochemical data of these derivatives (ITO starch acetate, ITO carboymethyl starch and ITO di-starch phosphate). The study also makes available data on the rheological and filtration performance of raw native ITO starch and its derivatives in water-based muds.
Dr. Ogunwa Kennedy I., was jointly supervised by Prof. Onyewuchi Akaranta & Prof. Leo C. Osuji, both of the Department of Pure and Chemistry, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
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