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Dr. Mamudu Angela Onose

Discipline: Engineering
The Design of an Integrated Distillation Column for Maximum Residual Recovery (Modular Topping Refinery)
Contribution to knowledge:
The study confirmed that a typical modular crude topping refinery can theoretically be configured in fifteen applied submerged combustion technology to refining for maximum product recovery novel approach. This approach eradicates the need for an additional column, re-boiler, condense and ejectors used in a vacuum distillation process. The work channelled both atmospheric residue and naphtha for better utilization. A cash flow analysis of a typical modular refinery and the integrated distillation column was also carried out.
Dr. Mamudu, Angela Onose, was jointly supervised by Prof. Godwin Igwe Department of Gas Engineering, University of Port Harcourt) and Prof. Ebenezer Okonkwo (Industry).
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