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Dr. Ituen, Ekemini Bassey

Discipline: Science
Green Corrosion Inhibitors from Extracts of Griffonia Simplicifolia for Steel
Contribution to knowledge:
he study formulated two new eco friendly CIs (coded HKPG and HKPGN). Furthermore, the study discovered that corrosion inhibition by HKPG and HKPGN compared favourably to commercially available corrosion inhibitors for acidizing at temperatures up to 90 o C. HKPG and HKPGN can also act as effective anticorrosion additives to acidizing and well stimulating fluids.
Dr. Ituen, Ekemini Bassey, was supervised by Prof. Onyewuchi Akaranta & Dr. Abosede James both of the Department of Chemistry, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
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