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Dr. Azubuike, Ijeoma Irene

Discipline: Engineering
Forecast Models and Evaluation for High Pressure High Temperature Gas Reservoir
Contribution to knowledge:
The study developed models for predicting gas viscosity and z-factor, specifically, for HPHT. A Chart for Z-factor was also developed for Tr of 1.02 to 2.3 and Pr of 0 to 20 that covers non-hydrocarbon ends like CO2 (from 0.32 to 4.21) and N2 (from 0.13 to 2.11). A comprehensive database ranging from low to high temperature and pressure conditions for gas viscosity and z- factor was also built. Documentation of the laboratory procedure for gas z - factor and viscosity experiments for researchers intending to work in this area has also been recorded.
Dr. Azubuike, Ijeoma Irene, was jointly supervised by Dr. Sunday. S. Ikiensikimama (Department of Gas Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria) & Dr. Preye. D. Orodu (Department of Petroleum Engineering, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.)
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